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In China ist neulich eine Chemiefabrik explodiert. Die Bilder des Kraters und der Ruinen daneben ist eindrucksvoll.However, local environmental authorities have taken measures to prevent polluted water inside the park from flowing out and contaminating outside waters, according to the Jiangsu provincial Department of Ecology and Environment.
Benutzt hier jemand Asus-Produkte?Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of ComputersGroßartige Firma, dieses Asus. Da will man doch seine Hardware kaufen!
Kennt ihr den schon? Der IQ sinkt, wenn Menschen Knappheit erfahren, z.B. wenn man Geldnot hat.Not being able to pay your bills has the functional equivalent of lowering your IQ by 13 points.
Videotipp: Martin Sonneborn im Interview mit Tilo Jung, und das ist im Vergleich zu anderen Sonneborn-Auftritten eher ernst, oder sagen wir mal: der Ironie- und Satireanteil ist geringer. Dauer: 1h15.
Liebe Demoteilnehmer, euer Verhalten erinnert die "Welt" ?beinahe an den Hurrapatriotismus junger Kriegsbegeisterter früherer Zeiten?.Ihr seid also praktisch, äh ? die Hitlerjugend. Oder so.Ich glaube wir hätten damit alle negativen Vorurteile und Stereotypen durch. Liebe Politiker und Reporter, ihr könnt jetzt aufhören. Es sind keine Fragen mehr offen bezüglich eurer Zurechnungsfähigkeit.
Apple Card will make credit card fraud a lot more difficult
The Apple TV app to launch on smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV and computers
Apple Arcade is Apple?s new cross-platform gaming subscription
Apple Pay is coming to transit systems in major US cities later this year
Apple introduces its own credit card, the Apple Card
Android users? security and privacy at risk from shadowy ecosystem of pre-installed software, study warns
Apple unveils its $9.99 per month news subscription service, Apple News+
Live from Apple?s media special event
How to watch the live stream for today?s Apple keynote
Daily Crunch: Show time for Apple streaming
TikTok quietly picked up assets from GeoGif, which created animated, location-specific overlays for video
Google launches a new real-time data product for journalists
Yunji, a startup that enables social commerce via WeChat, files for $200M US IPO
Hackers dropped a secret backdoor in Asus? update software
Fortnite, copyright and the legal precedent that could still mean trouble for Epic Games
Scalyr launches PowerQueries for advanced log management
Telegram adds ?delete everywhere? nuclear option ? killing chat history
Gjirafa raises a $6.7M Series B from Rockaway Capital to digitise the Balkans
Omers Ventures outs ?300M European fund ? Q&A with Managing Partner Harry Briggs
Alibaba acquires Israeli startup Infinity Augmented Reality
Apple Debuts Apple Card To Transform the Credit Card Experience
Telegram Adds 'Delete Everywhere' Nuclear Option -- Killing Chat History
Hacking Lawyers or Journalists Is Totally Fine, Says Notorious Cyberweapons Firm
Number of Workers in Jobs That Can Be Automated Falls
Oslo Will Build Wireless Chargers For Electric Taxis in Zero-Emissions Push
China Says it Cloned a Police Dog To Speed Up Training
Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates To Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers
Improved Estimates of the Distance To the Large Magellanic Cloud
First-of-Its-Kind US Nuclear Waste Dump Marks 20 Years
Which Programming Language Has The Most Security Vulnerabilities?
Can We Build Ethics Into Automated Decision-Making?
Cities In India Ban 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Over Fears It Turns Children Into 'Psychopaths'
New App Gives Free Movie Tickets To People Who Watch 15 Minutes of Ads
Is Social Media Losing Ground To Email Newsletters?
'It Took 10 Seconds For Instagram To Push Me Into an Anti-Vaxx Rabbit Hole'
SPIEGEL ONLINE - Schlagzeilen
Nach Raketenbeschuss: Israelisches Militär greift Ziele in Gaza an
Deutsch-französische Parlamentsversammlung: Oberlehrer ade
Neuheiten-Show in Cupertino: Apple stellt Magazin- und Mobilspiel-Flatrate vor
Gelbwesten-Proteste: Macron für Äußerung über verletzte Demonstrantin kritisiert
Ein Fahrradclub der anderen Art: Radeln statt prügeln
Europawahl: CDU und CSU beschließen Wahlprogramm einstimmig
Menschen in Seenot: Gefährliche Schieflage
Katie Holmes im Flüchtlingslager: Eine Woche in der "Hölle"
Bis Ende 2021: Bahn rüstet Intercity-Züge mit WLAN aus
Über der Ägäis: Türkische Jets drängen Tsipras' Helikopter ab
Schwarzarbeit: Zoll deckt mehr Verstöße gegen Mindestlohn auf
Probleme bei der Flugsicherung: Das steckt hinter der Software-Panne
US-Präsident: Trump erkennt Israels Souveränität über Golanhöhen an
Der Tag kompakt: Trump im Glück
Peinlicher Fehler: Edinburgh statt Düsseldorf - British-Airways-Maschine steuert falsches Ziel an
EU-Austritt: May sieht keine Mehrheit für Brexit-Abkommen
kurz & krass: Dieb lädt Handy bei Einbruch - und vergisst es
Waffenexporte: Große Koalition streitet über Rüstungsstopp für Saudi-Arabien
Erziehung: Wann Doktorspiele zu weit gehen
Harald Schmidts Videokolumne: Und wenn nun Apple den Brexit organisierte?
The Register
Mega medical tester pester: It smacked a big one, that malware scam, if indeed it was SamSam
Here's why AI can't make a catchier tune than the worst pop song in the charts right now
Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon
No big deal... Kremlin hackers 'jumped air-gapped networks' to pwn US power utilities
Psst, says Qualcomm... Kid, you wanna see what a 5G antenna looks like?
Big bad Bluetooth blunder bug battered ? check for security fixes
Oz digital health agency tightens medical record access as watchdog warns of crim honeypot
Robo-drop: Factory bot biz 'leaks' automakers' secrets onto the web
Google's Alphabet hit by Europe's other GDPR: Global Domination = Profit Reduction
If at first you, er, make things worse, you're probably Microsoft: Bug patch needed patching
Spectre rises from the dead to bite Intel in the return stack buffer
IT biz embezzlement brouhaha leaves bloke with $456k migraine
UK.gov commits to rip-and-replacing Blighty's wheezing internet pipes
I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit
Who watches Sony's watcher? Boffins poke holes in surveillance kit
Toshiba and WD indulge in mutual 96-layer flashing: Two partners, two products
Atos to hoover up US tech buzzword biz Syntel for $3.4bn
UK spies broke law for 15 years, but what can you do? shrugs judge
Google Chrome: HTTPS or bust. Insecure HTTP D-Day is tomorrow, folks
If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping
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